Lincolnshire Wedding

Nicola & Ben


Being a Louth wedding photographer makes it easy to travel to many wedding venues across Lincolnshire in no time at all. Whilst a love to travel photographing weddings at destinations all over the UK helping couples capture memories closer to home is also very welcome.

My latest wedding took me to the local Louth registry office which again proved to be another wonderful opportunity to tell a unique wedding story as Nicola & Ben chose to break from convention when they had the first look and walked down the aisle together.

Before arriving at the registry office Nicola & Ben chose to stay at the amazing Curve Eco House in South Thorsby close to Alford Lincolnshire and as the name suggests the building is curved and is ideal for wedding receptions and parties. As the soon to be newly weds chose to stay there the night before they also chose to do a first look on the morning of the wedding. A first look is where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony and can be a great way of easing the wedding day nerves and spending a quiet moment with your partner before the celebrations start.

With the first look over we headed to the Louth registry office for the ceremony. The registry office is located in the beautiful town of Louth with old Georgian buildings in abundance. Again during the wedding ceremony, Nicola & Ben again broke with tradition and walked down the aisle together providing a great opportunity to capture them and the expression of their guests as they entered.

With the ‘I dos’ all said and done we headed back to the curve to capture some fantastic bridal portraits and guest images inside and out of the building.

If you’re looking for a Louth wedding photographer to capture your unique wedding day story why not get in touch for a chat.

Venue: The Curve Eco House

MUA: Sarah Spence

Cake: Sue’s Cakes

Flowers: Flowers by Suzanne

  • bride and groom embraces on staircase at louth registry
  • bride and groom romantic wedding curve lincolnshire
  • bride putting wedding dress on the curve lincolnshire
  • white wedding dress hung at the curve lincolnshire
  • groom blowing up balloons
  • wedding rings on luxury box
  • debut wedding shoes
  • love display for wedding
  • chocolate wedding cake
  • white wedding cake with flowers
  • makeup
  • white wedding flowers on table
  • the curve eco house lincolnshire
  • man holding dog at wedding
  • the curve eco house inside
  • makeup artist with bride
  • grooms jacket hung up
  • groom getting ready on bed
  • shoe box
  • groom adjusting tie
  • groom putting on jacket
  • groom buttoning up jacket
  • bride smiling
  • bride being helped with wedding dress
  • bride in white dress
  • bride laughing in white dress
  • groom and bride embrace first look
  • first look for bride and groom lincolnshire
  • groom holds brides hand
  • mother of bride putting flower on groom
  • groom button
  • groom smiling at louth wedding photographer
  • wedding guest at the millers daughter
  • child holding sunglasses on face
  • wedding guests at louth registry office
  • wedding guest inside louth registry office
  • louth wedding registry office wedding guests
  • child sat at louth registry office
  • louth wedding registrar
  • bride during ceremony at louth
  • groom laughing at louth registry
  • bridesmaid holding flowers inside louth registry office
  • guest at wedding sat down
  • wedding guests sitting down
  • groom signing the register
  • bride and groom embrace on stairs
  • silhouette of bride and groom next to window
  • the curve eco house plaque
  • pimms on a tray at reception
  • dog in bow tie at wedding
  • curve eco house inside view
  • wedding guest looking at louth wedding photographer
  • wedding guest dressed up
  • male and female hug
  • mum and child at wedding
  • groom being held up by bestman funny
  • groom posing outside eco house
  • bride and groom first look
  • bride and groom at wedding
  • groom kissing bride on lips
  • bride in spotlight
  • bride holding flowers looking down
  • bride and groom kiss each other
  • wedding couple in mirror
  • guests celebrating at wedding
  • dogs on lap of bride and groom
  • men having a drink
  • guest at wedding holding champagne
  • wedding guest in black suit
  • lights
  • bride and groom in mirror at the curve
  • man and woman cutting wedding cake