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wedding photography questions answered


Having been a professional Lincolnshire wedding photographer for over 10 years I have been lucky enough to meet many couples seeking answers to common questions about wedding photography as they search to find the perfect photographer that understands their needs and is right for them.


You only get one chance to capture the memories from your day and to tell your unique story through amazing imagery. This is why I believe it is so important to find out as much as you can about who you will entrust to photograph your wedding day.


There is no such thing as a stupid question (ok maybe if you met my kids) so if you feel I haven’t covered something below please do get in touch via my CONTACT PAGE and I’ll be happy to answer it for you.


Lincolnshire wedding photographers questions

What experience do you have?

Lots! I first studied photography over 20 years ago and have been photographing weddings and portraits as a business for over 10 years. In fact, I never stop pushing my boundaries it’s a constant journey to produce the best work I possibly can.


There are so many photographers out there. What sets you apart from other Lincolnshire wedding photographers?


For me the answer is easy, photography is not a job, it has never been. Wedding photography to me is an absolute passion, it excites me and drives me on a daily basis. The benefit to my clients is the constant and unrelating drive to produce amazing images, provide exceptional customer service and exceed your expectations at every turn. I’m so confident you will love your images that I offer a 100% money back guarantee!


We live away, will you travel to our wedding?

Absolutely, although I am primarily a wedding photographer in Lincolnshire I love traveling and have photographed weddings throughout the UK. I enjoy travel almost as much as photography, it’s a perfect combination. 


Are you insured?

Yes, in fact, it is worth knowing that some venues and wedding insurers will insist that suppliers have public liability insurance and professional indemnity.


Do you belong to any professional body?

I am a member of the SWPP the Society for professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers. The SWPP is one of the worlds largest organisations for professional photographers.


How quickly do you get booked up?

It varies, whilst most couples book and secure their wedding a year in advance with some being over 2 years. It is always worth checking availability no matter when you’re considering hiring a photographer as some dates are available at short notice. Contact me to check your wedding date is free.


What equipment do you use?

I photograph all weddings with my iPhone, ..just joking I only use professional Nikon cameras and lens equipment and I always carry backups. For editing, I use the very latest industry standard software, Photoshop & Lightroom.


We love what you do, how can we book you?

Great! I would love to hear about your wedding plans and to photograph your day. You can check availability by using the CONTACT PAGE or call me on 01507 351639 where we can arrange to meet to chat about your wedding plans. Once I know a little more about you both and your plans I can fill out your booking form.


What are wedding photography styles?

There is so much terminology out there around wedding photography styles that I generally like to think of it three ways:

Reportage wedding photography
Sometimes referred to as journalistic or documentary wedding photography, this is where the photographer tends to have minimal interaction with couples and guests throughout the day preferring to capture events as they unfold in a more unobtrusive fashion. This could also be seen as natural wedding photography which, through careful observation, anticipates and captures emotions. Pop over to the wedding gallery for some examples.

Contemporary wedding photography style
Often referred to as editorial, creative, modern wedding photography. I like to think of this as strong visually impactful images produced through interesting colours, shapes, lighting and backdrops. This style has a little more input from the photographer in terms of helping the couples emphasise their best features through subtle posing tweaks. These shot can still look very natural in the hands of a great photographer. Have a look at my wedding gallery for some examples.

Traditional wedding photography style
Can be known as formal, posed or classic wedding photography. This is probably one of the first styles of photography, perhaps due to the long exposures involved in capturing images on old cameras. (People had to stand still for a long time to ensure they didn’t become blurry in the picture.). This style is still very relevant today…. think group shots at a wedding! This style tends to steer away from capturing candid moments and involves a lot of input from the photographer in terms of posing, styling and setup.


Ok, so which style is best?

There is no right or wrong answer just choose a style that speaks to you and will best capture the day the way you want it, and don’t be forced into a style your uncomfortable. At GJA photography I love and capture all styles of photography, however, the most important part is always understanding what my clients want and adapting to meet their needs.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I am so confident that you will not only love your images but enjoy the experience of me capturing your day that I happy offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Do you have a wedding portfolio I can look at?

Yes, my Lincolnshire wedding photographers wedding gallery is constantly updated and I feature recent weddings on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I also carry a portfolio of images in print that I love to show clients when we meet.


Do you shoot in digital or film?

I have experience of both but with the advancement of technology I now predominately take my images using high-end professional Nikon digital cameras. The beauty of modern digital imagery is it provides great flexibility when editing images. This means I can choose to emulate the look of film through modern software and editing techniques. I basically get the best of both worlds!


Do you have any references?

Yes, lots! Most of my clients are through word of mouth and I am always humbled and very grateful when I receive amazing feedback. Why. To check out my wedding photography testimonial page.


Will you photograph any other events on my wedding day?

No, I will be there for you and photograph your wedding exclusively. I do not take on any other commissions on your wedding day.


Will it be you photographing my wedding?

GJA Photography is run by me, Gary. I will be the sole photographer for your day so you will have already met me and seen my work and as such there will be no nasty surprises on your wedding day. Learn a little more about me here.


What if you get taken I’ll or some other unforeseen event means you can’t turn up?

Whilst this has never happened in all the years I have been photographing weddings (I’m currently looking for a wooden object to touch) it does, unfortunately, remain a possibility for couples looking to book any photographer. Even in the unlikely event that I will no longer be able to photograph your day, I will not abandon you completely. I have built some great relationships in the industry and will reach out to other Lincolnshire wedding photographers to see if they can assist. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that my 100% guarantee means you will receive a full refund of all monies paid.


Which Lincolnshire wedding venues have you photographed at before?

Blimey, I have lost count. With years of experience photographing weddings in Lincolnshire is it very likely that I have photographed at your chosen venue before. This is great as I will know some of the best locations to capture great imagery of your day. Even if I haven’t been to your venue before I always take the time to visit it before the wedding to meet the staff there and take a good look around.


What wedding photography packages do you offer?

I have a range of packages that will cover every aspect of your wedding day from bridal preparations right through to the first dance. So you can rest assured I’ll have your day covered.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes, this is a great way to meet the couple before the wedding day and to get comfortable being photographed. It’s also a great way to get professional images of yourselves before you tie the knot. Engagement sessions can be added to any wedding packages simply contact me for a quote.


Can we see all the images from a recent wedding?

Definitely, I have photographed many weddings and taken hundreds of thousands of images over the years so I have plenty to choose from. If my online wedding gallery has whetted your appetite and you would like to see more images I would be delighted to show them to you.


Will you provide a written contract?

In order to protect my clients and myself against any misunderstanding, I always provide full terms and conditions prior to any booking. Don’t book a photographer without one!


Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?

I offer a 100% guarantee on all wedding bookings which means if there is an issue through an error on my part you will receive a full refund. If you decide to cancel your wedding booking I will refund all your money with the exception of your booking fee.


Lincolnshire wedding photographers questions

Can you take pictures during the ceremony?

This is normally the case and is a great way to tell the story of your day however occasionally the official conducting the ceremony may put restrictions in place. This can range from no photos allowed to only allowing photos without flash. I always advise couples to speak with their wedding official to see what restrictions if any are in place.


Some Lincolnshire wedding photographers ask to be fed on the day, do you?

No, not at all. I am there to capture the details of the day and usually whilst the guests are eating I’m still working merrily away sifting through images I’ve already taken and planning for more great shots. However some couples still very kindly insist on providing a meal which, whilst unnecessary, is always very gratefully received.


I prefer natural shots of everyone, do you do that?

Absolutely throughout the day I will be working hard to take a range of images for you that tell the story of your day. A large percentage of the images will be taken by me without you and your guests even noticing I’m there.


Does this mean you don’t take posed images?

Who doesn’t want to look great in a photograph? Whilst most of the time I capture what is naturally happening sometimes I can turn what is a great natural image into a stunning image simply by tweaking what is already there. This is usually something as simple as moving a hand or arm to better to emphasise your best features. I am always very sensitive to the needs of my clients and how they would like to appear in an image. I like to think of myself as a very good tweaker but not a very good twerker! 🙂


Will you take group shots of my guests?

Before the wedding day, I will discuss with you all the kinds of images that you would like me to capture. If you would like group photographs (and most couples do) then I can provide some great advice and tips on how to create a group image list that ensures you get the images you want whilst minimising the time your guests are stood around.


I am having a Lincolnshire wedding videographer will this be a problem for you?

No not at all, I have worked with videographers before. I see the day as one big team effort to make your day as amazing and stress-free as possible.


How will you be dressed?

I always try to blend in with your guests, wearing appropriately smart clothing. I work very hard throughout the day to capture your day in a unique way which sometimes means lying on the floor or stepping onto something to create interesting perspectives, for this reason I prefer to wear a smart white polo shirt, formal trousers and shoes to give me the freedom and flexibility to get the best images for you.


What do you think of guests taking photos whilst you are?

I have no issues with this whatsoever, in fact, I encourage guests to get involved and help to capture your memories.


Will you stay if my wedding overruns on timings and do you charge for this?

Depending on the package and coverage you have chosen I will stay until I have captured everything that we agreed. So don’t worry if this overruns rest assured I will make sure I am there for you and no there is no charge. If you are worried about ensuring you capture everything from your day when not check out my wedding packages which offer a full days coverage so you won’t miss a thing.


What time will you start and finish taking photos on the day?

This will depend on the package you have chosen but a full days wedding package will ensure I am there at a mutually agreed time in the morning and until after the first dance which is usually around 9 pm. Don’t worry though I am fairly relaxed and flexible with timings so if you have something in mind don’t be afraid to ask.


Will you have an assistant with you on the day?

Occasionally depending on the size of the event, I may bring an assistant along with me to help ensure the day runs smoothly and free me up to capture more images for you. There is no extra charge for this.


Have you ever worked with our Lincolnshire wedding suppliers?

I have built some great relationships with people in the industry so it is likely that I have already had some involvement with your supplier in the past. I love meeting new people so if you have a wedding supplier I have not been introduced to I look forward to meeting and working with them.


Lincolnshire wedding photographers questions

How long before I receive many wedding photographs?

I know how excited my clients get waiting for their images and I can’t wait to share them too. I work hard to ensure the images are available to view quickly and I guarantee they will be available to view within 3 weeks of your wedding day although this is usually much sooner.


How do I get to view the images?

All of my wedding packages include a free online password protected gallery. This offers a great way for you to view and share your images with friends and family. 


Do you provide black & white images?

Yes. All of you images will come in colour, however, some images work particularly well in black and white and as such will edit these for you as well. Of course, if you see an image you would like converting this can easily be done and is included as part of all packages.


What happens once I have viewed the images?

Once you have taken your time to review your images and are completely happy with them just let me know and I will place them all onto a USB in a luxury branded presentation box and deliver them to you.


Do you provide wedding albums?

Absolutely there is an incredible range of albums on the market that can cater for any price range. If you are interested in having an album as part of your photography package I will work with you to source an album that meets your particular requirement and budget.


You did an incredible job of photographing our wedding day how can we share the love?

Wedding Referrals from past clients are always very welcome and account for most of the weddings I take on. If you would like to share your experience with others I would welcome your review on my GJA Photography Facebook page, google account or simply drop me an email. I am always striving to improve the experience for my clients so any feedback is always gratefully received.

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