Louth Wedding

Lana & Brett


Having the opportunity to photograph a couple’s wedding is always a pleasure but is particularly special when I get to do it in in my hometown of Louth.

There are not many Louth wedding photographers out there so I’m lucky enough to be spoilt with a great choice of local venues to photograph with St James Church being a particular favourite amongst many others.

Lana & Brett chose St. James Church which is a spectacular gem in the heart of the wolds boasting the tallest Parish Church spire in England with a great reception party continuing on at Woody’s in Woodthorpe. St James is a great place to capture wedding images with its stunning architecture and large setting offering many places to manoeuvre and capture unique pictures of Lana, Brett and their guests.

The arrival of Lana in an amazing horse-drawn carriage certainly turned a few heads and was particularly in keeping with the areas Georgian buildings reminding me of a film set from a period drama.

After capturing some great pictures of the ceremony along with fun images of the guests throwing confetti we all continued on to Woody’s where thankfully a break in the rainy weather provided the opportunity of taking more images around the grounds of the estate.

Woody’s had done a sterling job of setting up for the reception with the centre of attraction being an amazing sponge wedding cake which, unsurprisingly had many of the guests hovering around in anticipation of a slice.

Thanks again Lana & Brett for sharing your wonderful wedding day with me.

Congratulations to you both!

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Venue: St James Church Louth

Transport: The Ostler

Flowers: Pitcher Alford

Cake: Lady B’s

  • page boy inside church
  • groom posing outside st James church
  • wedding guest in pink jacket and fascinator
  • guest outside st James church
  • guests at wedding putting on button hole flower
  • rose on lapel of groom
  • small child at wedding holding fathers suit
  • vicar laughing at bridesmaid
  • confetti in boxes
  • wedding horses
  • man on wedding carriage
  • bride arriving at louth church in horse drawn carriage
  • bride exiting horse drawn carriage
  • bridesmaids holding hands
  • young bridesmaids waiting to go into church
  • father of the bride holding brides arm outside louth church
  • groom in blue suit waiting for bride at isle
  • bride walking down isle with father st James louth
  • wedding guests singing at church
  • bride looking at groom louth
  • exchange of ring inside st James church louth
  • bride and groom touching foreheads inside louth church
  • close up of groom holding brides hand
  • bridesmaid in wedding isle smiling
  • wedding guest laughing inside church
  • bride and groom walking down st James church isle
  • bridesmaids holding brides veil
  • horse drawn carriage outside of church wedding louth
  • bridesmaid in purple dress holding wedding dress
  • bridesmaid with wrist flowers
  • guests throwing confetti over bride and groom st James church louth
  • brides veil blown across face outside st James church louth
  • usher child laughing at st James church louth
  • bride at alter kissed by groom
  • bride looking down groom in reflection
  • bride looking down inside carriage louth wedding photographers
  • red flower in suitcase
  • sponge wedding cake with strawberries at wedding reception
  • box containing wedding cards
  • bride holding and laughing at child
  • bride kisses daughter on lips backlit
  • bride in group shot with bestmen and groom
  • groomsmen hugging for louth wedding photographers
  • groom holding brides face with umbrella louth wedding
  • bride holding umbrella with groom black and white
  • bride holding fancy wedding umbrella
  • bride holding veil and kissed by groom
  • bride holding veil across face groom kissing head
  • groom in blue suit laughing at bride
  • bride hugging groom black and white
  • wedding ring on brides hand intimate portrait at woodthorpe
  • bride resting head on the shoulder of groom looking away
  • bride kisses groom outside of woodys woodthorpe
  • bride and groom louth wedding
  • bride and groom with umbrella louth wedding
  • st James church louth