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Capturing the Magic: Embracing the Wedding First Look Tradition


The Wedding First Look: An Introduction

The wedding day is undeniably an event overflowing with love, excitement and unforgettable moments that will eternally hold a place in our hearts. Amidst these moments one particular element known as the “first look” emerges, bringing forth an intimate and enchanting encounter for couples. In this article I aim to delve into the essence of the wedding first look comprehending its modern day significance and understanding why it has gained popularity among contemporary couples. So let's take a moment to grab a cuppa and settle down as we embark on this journey filled with romance and anticipation.

Unveiling the Enigma: What is a First Look?

The wedding first look encompasses a private instance that takes place before the ceremony begins, exclusively shared between the couple about to tie the knot. It marks the time the couple lay eyes on each other away from the watchful gazes of their guests. As a wedding photographer this is the time where I can discreetly capture this encounter capturing emotions, sheer joy and profound affection in a tranquil backdrop.

Shattering Tradition: The Evolution of the First Look

Conventionally couples used to witness each others presence for the time during the wedding ceremony usually as your partner gracefully walked down the aisle. However like everything wedding related customs undergo transformations over time. The notion of having a wedding first look surfaced as couples yearned to create personalised, secluded and intimate moments together on their momentous day. This shift paves the way for instances of anticipation relieving ceremony jitters and fostering an even stronger bond prior, to uttering their vows.

A First Look at Tythe Barn Wedding, Bicester

Embracing the Magic: What Are The Advantages?

So why even bother with a first look? Well having been there first hand at my own wedding it can certainly produce a powerful moment! here are my thoughts on why you should consider it and the things to take into account to make it a memorable moment for you and your partner:

Closeness and Emotional Intertwining: Delving into this moment enables you to forge a connection, exchange heartfelt sentiments and bask in the love and emotions that united you in the first place.

Setting the Stage: Consider the logistics and timing of your wedding look. Coordinate with your wedding photographer to determine the time and lighting conditions, for capturing those moments. Whilst from experience it doesn't take long to experience a wedding first look, it's crucial to factor in any travel or setup time to ensure an experience that is uncrushed and meaningful.

Embracing Authenticity: Encourage yourselves to be present and fully embrace the emotions of the moment. Remember this is your reaction to seeing each other for the time on your wedding day. Allow yourselves to be vulnerable and let your love shine through.

Choosing Attire: Select attire that complements the location and overall aesthetic of your wedding. Whether its a suit and gown or a casual ensemble ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. This will enhance your experience and appearance in the photographs.

Coordinating with Vendors: Communicate your plan for a wedding first look with your vendors, your photographer and wedding planner. They can offer insights and guidance to ensure everything runs smoothly and aligns with the flow of your day. Ultimately the wedding first look is a choice that allows you to create memories and capture genuine moments of love and anticipation. By planning and embracing the sentiment behind this moment you can make it a cherished part of your wedding day narrative.

Timing is crucial: Coordinate with your photographer and wedding planner to determine the time, for the look. Take into account factors like lighting, logistics and the flow of the day to ensure an experience.

Make it personal: Infuse your personalities into the look. Consider exchanging notes or small gifts and incorporate details that reflect your unique journey as a couple. These personal touches will enhance the intimacy of the moment. Make it truly yours.

bride reading a letter from the groom prior to a wedding first look
bride reading a note from groom prior to wedding first look

Embrace surprise: While some couples prefer a look others enjoy involving their bridal party or close family members for an element of surprise. Discuss your preferences with your partner to create a moment that aligns with both of your desires.

Preserving the magic: Capturing your first look, in photographs allows you to cherish those emotions for a lifetime. As a wedding photographer that has been in the industry for many years I just love the oportunity to immortalise the anticipation and love that defines a couples day through beautiful images that will become cherished heirlooms.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The first look sets the stage for a day filled with love and cherished memories. It offers you an intimate experience that captures the essence of your journey together. By defying convention and embracing this custom you have the opportunity to strengthen your bond, immortalise emotions and forge indelible memories. As you meticulously plan your day take into account the enchantment of the “wedding first look” and weave it seamlessly into the fabric of your unique love story. Let it serve as a testament, to the voyage you are poised to embark upon.


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